Christos Doumas

The persistent archaeologist

Christos Doumas, Head of the Excavation in Akrotiri, Professor Emeritus of the Athens University, has devoted his life to the study of the prehistoric Theran civilisation. “The land gave food to the Therans and supplied them with the materials to make a better living; stones and soil to build their comfortable dwellings, as well as colouring agents to decorate them with unique pieces of art. Besides, the sea provided them food and also became the communication path with other peoples and civilisations, leading thus to the formation of the cosmopolitan society of Akrotiri”, Professor Doumas explains. As for Santorini today ? “It leaves a bitter-sweet taste... I am glad that the tremendous poverty of the past has gone away. But what makes me sad is that every respect towards the land has been lost just for the sake of making money; people seem to have forgotten that this land had been the source of life and inspiration for thousands of years for those who lived here”. What would he say to today’s Santorini people? “Your land deserves much higher respect”.