Chrysanthos Karavias

A modern 'Ulysses' in Santorini

Chrysanthos was born in Santorini and represents the third generation of a family dealing with tourism enterprises. The energetic and dynamic owner of X-Ray Kilo and Homeric Poems Hotel is among the people in charge of managing cruises on the island. Cruises have totally changed the face of tourism in Santorini. Although strongly criticized, there is no doubt that 'the island would not be the same if there were no cruises' points out Mr Karavias, and goes on saying that 'today cruises provide excellent services to the visitors of Santorini'. Just before handing over his enterprises to his children, he talks about the island of Ithaki, where he found his family roots. The headquarters of his enterprises is in the heart of Fira. The window of his office looks straight over the Aegean and volcanoes. 'I cannot possibly live far from the sea' he repeats again and again. As I listen to him, he sounds as if being a contemporary Ulysses, Homer’s legendary hero.