Giannis Paraskevopoulos

A pioneer winemaker

Giannis Paraskevopoulos is a winemaker, an associate professor of winery and a doctor at Bordeaux University. He was one of the pioneers who managed to recreate the Santorinian wine, by establishing new technologies and processing new generation wines. He believes that Santorinian wines are unique! He mentions that “in such inhospitable environment and under such rough conditions, there is no doubt that grapes growing in Santorini are special. Consider also the fact that wine yards here are age long”. He also says that Santorini has a very powerful name in winery as proved by the high grades given from the American Robert Parker (out of the 19 Greek wines that received high grades, 14 came from Santorini). According to Mr. Paraskevopoulos, vinsanto is a very rare wine, but should come out in the market only if it has aged for more then two-three years. “These rare wines need their time and space to ‘express themselves’ and mature”. Apart from the classic wines Thalassitis and Thalassitis oak fermented, Mr. Paraskevopoulos also created a new wine from assyrtiko wine grapes, of special fermentation and in limited bottle number.