Kostas Kalimeris

Digital Santorini

One console, rooms with musical instruments, microphones and a spectacular sea view... all in a unique hotel-music recording studio. Kostas Kalimeris is the inspirator and creator, who managed to make his dream come true in the summer of 2009, that is “to integrate a hi-tech environment with the aesthetics of the island of Santorini”. The Black Rock Studio –the only music recording studio located on a Greek island and one of the best in Greece– combines music recording facilities with accommodation in one of the most peaceful spots of Akrotiri. Having already distinguished for its high aesthetics and quality among recording studios in tourist destinations, it attracts personalities of the international music scene. A great range of famous musicians have come here to get inspired and work in the unique Santorini landscape –musicians such as the awarded guitarist Joe Bonamassa, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden etc. “The working pace here is different and artists can work while enjoying their holidays with their family, friends or colleagues”, says Kostas Kalimeris himself.