Vasilis Zaharakis

Chef-owner of Nichteri and Perivoli

When he is not in the kitchen improvising and creating gastronomical wonders, you can find him at Argyros winery where he relaxes spending at least one hour a day, particularly during the period of grape harvest. Vasilis loves and knows everything about good food and wine. He was born and grew up in Santorini in a large family, where the table would be set every day with at least 3-4 different dishes. In 2003 he opened up Nichteri in Kamari out of need, but once he got into the kitchen he found out that he has a gifted charisma. He is always doing his best to promote local products by combining traditional recipes with a new perspective. He misses the old days when he and his close friends would spend evening soirées sitting in the yard eating, drinking and singing, an atmosphere which you can surely find at his new restaurant Perivoli in the coastal road of Exo Gonia.