Yannis Renieris

Businessman – yachtsman

Yannis Renieris is not only the owner of the Santorini Sailing Center but also a keen supporter of maintaining tradition and picturesqueness in Santorini. Talking with him, one has the impression that Yannis wants to embrace the whole island and keep it unwounded. Even though he very well knows that this is a hard bet, he still insists on saying: “Santorini is my homeland and I want to preserve it and hand it over intact to the next generations“. Above all, his real love is the sea which has managed to conquer him professionally. Leisure craft yachts is the sector where he has mastered! He has created a fleet of luxurious yachts, speed boats, catamarans, sailing boats that travel around Santorini and the other islands around (he even has a taxi sea craft for Piraeus!). His aim is to set up the first International Nautical Club in Santorini, where children from far away countries will be able to spend their holidays and at the same time get acquainted with the sea by taking navigation courses.