Manolis Karamolegos

President of the Santorini Hoteliers Association

Manolis Karamolegos is the President of the Santorini Hoteliers Association, member of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and owner of Meltemi Hotels & Resorts. Actively participating in exhibitions and constantly in contact with important agents of the World Tourism Sector, he substantially contributes to the higher promotion of Santorini. ‘Organized collective action is the key to resolving all problems’ he says. ‘Tourism development is our life and desire; our goal is to render Santorini an all-year-round destination’. Furthermore, all concerted efforts for providing insurance to the poor and underprivileged inhabitants of the island, supporting the primary production sector and certifying products through the program ‘Adopt a Producer’, are the most tangible evidence that Mr Karamolegos and the Santorini Hoteliers Association are not limited to their own action plans, but are highly interested in supporting other sectors, always retaining a perfect cooperation with the municipal authorities.