Olga Kefalogianni- Minister of Tourism

Greek Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni is sending her own message to the people and visitors of Santorini.

“Dear friends, The year 2013 was a record year for Greek Tourism, as Greece achieved a successful comeback to the first positions of the World Tourism map. Among the top priorities we have set for the year 2014 is to increase tourism flow even more and upgrade our tourism services, so as to remain competitive in the global tourism sector.

Furthermore, our goal is to reduce as much as possible any influence that might be exerted upon each tourist season by current political or other events. With regard to Santorini, I would like to underline that the island stands out among top tourism destinations in the world. Santorini plays a substantial role in promoting and boosting Greece’s tourism image abroad. The spectacular natural beauty of the island captures the visitor’s heart from the very first moment. The Santorini landscape, together with its unique architectural style and monuments, render the island a pole of attraction for foreigners even from far distant countries. All stakeholders in the Tourism sector should focus on developing actions that enhance the comparative advantages of every region.

Therefore, I consider highly important the initiative of declaring 2014 ‘Year of Culture’ for the South Aegean Islands. The Ministry of Tourism supports every action that promotes the folklore traditions, customs and culture of the South Aegean region.

Surely, though, the culture of a country and region has to do not only with historical monuments, sights and cultural events, but also with the local

people’s hospitality, daily contact with visitors and development of tourism consciousness. Closing, I would like to invite all visitors of the island to discover the magic of Santorini: extraordinary natural beauties, exquisite cuisine, renowned local products, remarkable culture… Enjoy a life experience in Santorini!”