Franco Colombo

Exactly as Colombo discovered America, Franco Colombo, also known as Franco, was looking for the lost Atlantis until he reached Santorini for the first time in 1967. As he explains, in 1967 Santorini was an undeveloped island with wild natural environment. Franco fell in love with Santorini and so in 1978 he decided to built Franco’s bar (also after encouragement of his good friend and clothes designer Nikos Apostolopoulos), a lounge bar where you could sit on a sun chair and enjoy the view of Caldera, listening to classical music. His visitors were all famous Greek and foreign personalities, as it was the best place in Fira. Since last year, the authentic Franco’s bar has changed location and now lies in Pyrgos, from where Franco is now able to view his beloved island. The Hotel Owners Association awarded Franco for his valuable services to the tourist development of Santorini for the last three decades.