Giorgos Kypris

Τhe artist and the human being

Ηe magnetizes people passing by. He is the unique and distinctive figure of the “thinking man”. We are at the centre of Fira, next to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, where the world famous sculptor Giorgos Kypris has been exhibiting his works since 1990.

He came to Santorini for the first time in 1972. He was seduced by the absolute magic of the big blue and his heart was captured by the island which kept him here and inspired him to make his creations. The artist identified the local characteristics and illustrated them in his pieces of work with great success. He chose Santorini and Gallery Mati in Fira as the main venue of his work. He completed his studies in Athens and Italy, participated in group and international exhibitions, donated pieces of his artwork to collections all over the world and was awarded at many art competitions.

Looking at his creations, the imposing human figures or the shoals of metallic fishes with the iron frame, one can analyse, imagine and get carried away while following the pace of the shoals of fishes which swirl in the turbulent waters. Through this artwork, one can easily perceive the elements of human nature, vanity, sovereignty of humans on other forms of life and negative man-made interventions to the planet.