Yannis Zagelidis

Architect, owner of restaurant 1800

One could sit for hours listening to him talking about architectural structures and the history of captain houses. His specialty and biggest love of all is restoration. Besides, aesthetics has a very specific definition to him. “Aesthetics means preserving the historical identity. Being able to read the history of a land, even in something new”. His other passion is gastronomy. He first came to Santorini in 1976 when he was still a student of Architecture. Ten years later he would open up 1800 to turn it into of the best restaurants of the island, where a great number of international vips have their meals daily. He adores the island and recalls Armeni, Ammoudi at the time before the opening up of the road. “At those days you would go for a walk and your batteries would be fully charged. However, thanks to the Presidential decree of 1993, Oia still remains the most beautiful spot of the island”, he says.