Pork fillet with assyrtiko wine sauce, grapes and potato salad

The chef of the restaurant Aroma Avlis, Christos Koskinas, prepares a tempting recipe combining assyrtiko wine with local products.


1 pork fillet 250gr 

cut in 4 pieces, 

1 glass of assyrtiko wine, 

12-15 assyrtiko grapes

2 spring onions, salt, 

pepper, 1 pinch chives

For the potato salad: 

5-6 santorini baby potatoes 

skin on, 1 spring onion,

½ onion finely chopped,

4 Santorini cherry tomatoes 

cut in half, ½ spoon mild 

mustard,1 spoonful white 

vinegar, 3 spoonfuls olive oil,

salt, pepper, fine herbs


Boil the potatoes in salted water cut in 4 pieces and stir them with the other ingredients while they are still hot. In a sauce pan preheat one spoonful olive oil, saute the pork fillets both sides and seasoning.  Add the spring onion and the grapes and stir for a while until tender. Add the assyrtiko wine and the chives and simmer to reduce the sauce. Serve the fillets in a plate with the sauce and the potato salad.