Santorini Spaghetti


Delicious spaghetti overflowing with Santorini tastes and flavors, by Konstantinos Hatzopoulos, chef and owner of the Argo Restaurant in caldera, Fira.





Linguini, al dente (boiled for 7’)


Grated mizithra cheese


Fresh butter


Basil leaves


Santorini Caper


Santorini Sundried tomato


Nihteri white wine


1 ½ tsp white pepper


1 ½ tsp sweet paprika





In a frying pan, add a little water, butter, half a glass of wine, dried tomato and caper. Let them come to a boil, adding basil leaves and sweet paprika and a little mizithra cheese. After having boiled the linguini, slip them in the sauce and stir. When the sauce is thickened to your taste, serve sprinkling with mizithra cheese and paprika.