Tenderloin with rosemary on split peas of Santorini Crème

200 g split peas / ½ lt water / 1 small onion cut in four / 150 g oil / Salt, pepper, etc.

Rinse the split peas, dry them and place them on a casserole (with thick bottom) in medium heat. When it starts boiling skim the foam off the split peas and reduce the heat. Put the onion in the casserole together with a table spoon of oil, lower the heat and when is boiled to a mush, add salt and pepper and remove. Add the rest of the oil and stir well with a hand mixer.


... forTenderloin


Ingredients for 2 persons
1 tenderloin (circa 700 g) / 50 g chopped smoked bacon / 1 stick fresh rosemary with its flower / 1 glass vinsanto / 1 red pepper chopped in cubes / 1 small chili pepper in cubes / 1 table spoon tomato puree / 1 table spoon soya sauce / 1 tea spoon honey Olive oil / salt, pepper etc. / chopped parsley

Cut the tenderloin crosswise into thin slices of 1 cm, add salt and pepper and saute each side with just few olive oil for 2 minutes. Remove the meat and keep warm. In the same frying pan saute the bacon and the peppers. Add honey, soya, tomato puree and add salt and pepper if needed. Place the spit peas on a plate, add the tenderloin ot top of them and cover them with the rosemary sauce.