Tomatoball souffle in Santorini cheese sauce

A delicious souffle made with traditional Santorini products by Chef Nikos Pouliasis in his new post at the restaurant Koukoumavlos in Fira.


250gr self-rising flour, 2 eggs, 

2 t.s. sliced sun dried tomatoes, 

2t.s. sliced spearmint, 2t.s. sliced 

spring onions, a pinch of garlic 

salt and pepper, 1 tomato  chopped,

125ml water or  beer, 5t.s. olive oil

For the sauce: 

250gr of Chloro cheese from

Santorini (or any other white 

spicy cheese), white, black 

and green pepper (thick cut), 

1 pinch oregano, 3t.s. yogurt,

1 tea cup of full fat milk 

or cream milk


Mix in a bowl with a fouet the ingredients and add as much water as needed in order for the mixture to have a thick mush texture (you will need approximately the same amount of water as the flour you added). Use small individual nonstick or silicon cake pans and fill them up to their 2/3 of their capacity. Bake at 175οC at a preheated oven for 10-12΄. Sauce: Put all the ingredients in the blender and mix until we get a smooth liquid sauce.