Essential for accompanying salads and fava, caper is always present in every real Santorinian dish. It is a wild bush thriving in rocky areas; that is why it is said that “caper is planted by ants”. It is collected at the end of spring and throughout summer. From the bush are taken the ‘kaparokoumba’ (caper buds) and ‘kaparofilla’ (caper leaves). Once they soak in water for at least one week, with the water being regularly renewed in order to take the bitterness out, they turn into pickles by adding vinegar and salt. Caper buds are also dried out in order to be used in various dishes. Caper packed in glass jars can be bought at the Association Cooperative of Theraic Products, while caper spoon-sweets and other rare caper products are sold exclusively at Carlos store in Akrotiri.