George Hatzimarkos

Governor of South Aegean

Governor of the Southern Aegean Region George Hatzimarkos sends his own message to the inhabitants and visitors of our island: “With its islands of incomparable beauty, the Southern Aegean Region constitutes the most dynamic vehicle of Greek Tourism, a strong ring in the world tourism market chain. Tourism is the ‘oxygen’ for the economy of our islands and country, and therefore our top priority that we essentially need to promote with strategic planning, professionalism and full commitment. The uniqueness of our islands play a determining role in differentiating our tourism product and drawing up our strategy addressed to various target markets. “Aegean Island. Like No Other” is the motto of the Southern Aegean Region! Our first priority is to fill in the strategic gap of the past with the three-year Strategic Development Tourism Plan that we compiled in collaboration with the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) and Marketing Greece. It is the first time that the Southern Aegean islands have a strategically planned and integrated package of actions addressed to different target markets; a plan that respects the character of each island and helps them promote their own individual identity. The fully renewed image of the Southern Aegean Region has come to bring more color and a new ‘status’. Particular emphasis is placed on our online presence with the use of state-of-the art tourism marketing tools, to achieve maximum performance. Santorini, a powerful brand name in the top world tourism destinations, has a primary position in the Strategic Plan of the Southern Aegean Region. It is the island with the breathtaking landscape, the gorgeous caldera and traditional settlements, historical vineyards, endless faces and inconceivable potentialities. Ideal destination for cruise tourism, for all-year-round tourism, for all types of thematic and alternative tourism (cultural/ gastronomic/ trekking/ religious/ third-age tourism). All the above with full respect to the natural wealth of Santorini, aiming at the proper management of its resources, sustainable development, protection of the environment. Welcome to the magic world of Santorini! Welcome to the unparalleled beauty of the Southern Aegean Region!”