Giannis Pantazis

Musician/ La Ponta

The bag of the ‘tsambouna’ (Greek bagpipes) inflates, the first notes are released in the air, words and music become one, as Yiannis Pantazis unfolds his story. It is he who brought back and revived the tsambouna, a musical instrument with a long tradition in the Cyclades, and restored the Venetian tower in the castle of Akrotiri. He set off from Grevena for the Greek-speaking villages of South Italy and from there he went to Santorini. Following the melodic sound of the tsambouna, together with his partner Argy Kakissis, they established a workshop, a musical instrument exhibition, and a special area for musical events in the abandoned tower. From this tiny spot on the map at the top of Santorini, you can travel to another celestial dimension, while gazing at the Pre-historic settlement and the sea, listening to Yiannis’ magic music.