Lefteris Zorzos

Archaeologist/ Voreina Gallery Suites

Lefteris has developed a special rapport with time and Santorini. At the age of 16, he was the youngest one participating in the excavations of Akrotiri. Five years ago, he left London and returned to the island welcoming the guests of his hotel  Voreina Gallery Suites. However, his greatest love is archaeology, history and the precious past. «Every day things are lost because we do not value what is important”, he says pointing out that “it is from the past that we learn who we are”.  He loves attributing a second life to objects”. Last year he organized an exhibition for Theran warriors, while this year he is opening an antique shop in the village of Pyrgos. He also participates in a group setting up a large cultural e-data base about Santorini , while doing his PhD.  Lefteris Zorzos has definitely discovered the secrets of proper time management and inner balance; therefore he finds time to devote to everything he loves.