Markos Chaidemenos

Canaves Oia Hotel & Canaves Oia Suites

Markos Chaidemenos, 27 years old, is the Manager of hotels Canaves Oia Hotel and Canaves Oia Suites in Oia. He belongs to the second family generation of hotel owners. Having studied Hospitality Management in Switzerland, he is always full of ideas that make the difference. For example the brand new Canaves Villa –one of the very few villas in Oia providing hotel services– and the swim bar at Canaves Oia Hotel. Being in constant contact with his clients, he is in the position to sense ‘what more they could be offered’ to render their stay more pleasant. He believes that the best must-live experience in Santorini is the combination of staying and cruising on the caldera islands, a dream fulfilled in an exceptional way by the 5 catamarans of ‘Sunset Oia’.