Christoforos Asimis


Christoforos Asimis was unfortunately forced to leave Santorini when he was only a child because of the big earthquake in 1956. Influensed by the colour and light of Santorini that he had kept vivid before his eyes, he studied painting at the Fine Arts School, his teachers being the most renowned artists. Completing his studies, he came back to seek for what had been illuminating his visions. Through his paintings today, he expresses in his own plain way all those precious things that the Santorinian land and Aegean sun have been so generously offering to him. To Christoforos Asimis, the cosmogony that took place in Santorini with the volcanic eruption is a source of perpetual inspiration, for the infinite lava colours have been imprinted on her soil! Today Santorini is an international place where an artist, like Christoforos Asimis, can offer his uniqueness to the whole universe. As he, himself, characteristically says, “The Santorinian nature is a continuous journey of artistic exploration!”.