Dimitris Tsitouras

Collector, owner of Tsitouras Collection

Garlands are his trademark. They indicate eternal friendship and are the symbols of life cycle, of reward, of love and of the beauty of life. He visited Santorini in 1968 and fell in love with it. “But the true Santorini I fell so much in love with, now exists only in my fantasies”, he says. Nevertheless, he believes that Santorini, which influenced him so much in his job, still is a unique place. It offered him internal equilibrium and became for him something like an Idée fixe. It is like when you deeply fall in love with something and this love leads you to self-knowledge. One of his greatest projects is Tsitoura Museum, which will be constructed at Kontochori squares, designed by architect Michalis Fotiadis. The museum will extend over 1.200 m2 and will include some of his best personal historic collections.