Kalia Konstantinidou

...unique personality with style!

Kalia Konstantinidou, is the glamorous and dynamic owner, Sales & Marketing Manager of Vedema Resort in Megalohori, Mystique and 160Thea in Oia. She is a woman who knows perfectly well the world of luxurious accommodation with high aesthetics and top quality services. It is not by chance that Vedema, the first 5-star hotel of the island, as well as Mystique belong to the Starwood Luxury Collection. Mrs Konstantinidou has hosted many international stars in the suites of Vedema and verandas of Mystique. She believes that the hotel services of the island are ‘far ahead’ and it is a great success for Santorini that there are ‘so many excellent accommodation and catering options’. Throughout the year, she visits fairs of both classical and emerging touristic markets, and accepts that ‘many people discover Greece, by first getting to know Santorini’. She is strongly convinced that the traveller today is seeking the unique experience. When travelling, although she starts by presenting the hotels, she ultimally always ends up talking about her overall life experience in Santorini.