Markos Drosos

Made of wood and passion

When passing by Markos Drosos’ workshop in Baxedes, in the Oia valley, you will get seduced with the island songs coming from the little radio and the sound of wood getting cut by the mechanical belt. This is the workshop of the only ship carpenter in Santorini, a man dedicated to the shipbuilding art of wooden vessels from beginning to end. An art he has learnt at a small shipyard on the Armeni bay, when he was still at elementary school. His hands have made more than fifty different kinds of boats, and today he goes on working from day to night because, as he says, “when doing something you really love, you never get tired”. Having nothing to do with modern luxuries, he never uses a mobile phone. Full of positive energy and liveliness, he regards every single boat he makes as his “own child”. Although he complains that his art is becoming obsolete, he is teaching it to his son because “when there is passion, everything is easy”!