Mattheos Argyros

The Continuator

He is young, dynamic, with lots of knowledge and love for his work. Mattheos Argyros, the continuator in a winery which is over one century old, is a fourth generation winemaker. He carries the heavy burden of continuing the brilliant course of the Argyros Winery, which lies among the top wineries of the island and is included in the top-100 list of Wine Spirit. “My great grandfather was the first one who set up the canava in 1903” he says. Yannis, Mattheos’ father, was the only one who had been aging Vinsanto for 20 years before anybody else did, dating back to the year 1987. An excellent selective wine. “A 3-5 year old Vinsanto gives out aromas of honey and raisin. Only the very aged Vinsanto, like ours, can promote the multi-dimensional character of the wine and blend deliciously with aromas such as that of cocoa, chocolate, smoke”. Very recently fabulous chocolate has circulated in the market filled with Argyros Vinsanto. And Mattheos himself goes on suggesting even further combinations: “Try Vinsanto with black chocolate or roquefort cheese. It is infatuating!”.