Nikolaos Varvarigos

Winemaker of Santo Wines

He himself is responsible for the 500.000 bottles of Santo Wines produced annually and is in charge of the overall wine production process –from vine to bottling. He believes the parched volcanic soil of Santorini is highly privileged attributing metallicity and robustness to the wine. He claims that even the traditional pruning method plays a significant role in the determining the special features of the Santorini wine assortment. He loves aromatic wines and particularly athiri and aidani which, when harvested in the right time, give very special wines. He is proud of the Assyrtiko Grand Reserve and also he is very satisfied because all wine makers of the island do their best and therefore the level has become really high. He does not want other non-Santorinian varieties to reach the island and destroy the one and only place in the world with virgin vineyards. What’s in the news? Very soon the Santorini baby tomato will officially be registered as a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).