Nikolaos Zorzos, Mayor of Santorini

“The 4year period 2011-15 has been the period when most projects were implemented in Santorini”, says the Mayor of Santorini during an overall discussion about the island. Projects of 4 million euros have already been tendered to promote the touristic profile of Santorini: restoration of Mills and Goulas in Emporeio, restoration of a neoclassical mansion of Exo Gonia into the Documentation Centre of the Geological & Architectural History of Santorini and Thirasia, reconstruction of public squares, underground wiring, Cultural Centre of Oia. Desalination, another high-budget project has also been tendered, the largest desalination project in Greece, while water supply and sewage network works keep going on. 

Furthermore, “intangible cultural actions” are also taking place: the “Santorini: All Year Round” project, digitization of historical records of the island, reopening the Ancient Thira Theatre, exhibition of Santorini’s “Kore Statue” at the Archaeological Museum” and a lot of other things. The list of actions keeps going on thanks to the Mayor’s constant work: “Despite the State’s inability to support, our Municipality tries to improve the everyday life of citizens and the quality of services provided to visitors of our island”.  

The discussion moves to geopolitical changes that have brought changes to tourism. “We are living in a transitional period and these changes will surely stir things up”, and he points out: “It is highly imperative to acquire a new mentality based on all time classic values. Today we are living in a self-centered world and the society does not communicate according to the principles of the past - substantial human relationships and solidarity. It is essential to develop a public speech enabling the society to communicate and accept each other both at an individual and collective level. Restoring communication would definitely solve more easily everyday problems”. As for the cruises, the Mayor works for the best cruises’ arrival schedule allocation during the week, month and year, to improve the cruise visitors’ experience. 

His political speech sounds even more mature nowdays. “The politician should not fear the political cost; he should do his best always to the benefit of the community”. And he concludes quoting N. Kazantzakis: “Love being responsible and say to yourself: it is my duty, and only mine, to save the earth. If it is not saved, then I alone am to blame”.