Paraskevi Nomikou

In the world of underwater secrets

She was born and grew up in Vothonas. Her love for Santorini became love for the science of Oceanography. She studied at the Athens University, where she carried out her Doctoral Thesis dealing with the geodynamic position of the terrestrial and underwater field of Kos and Nisyros. For the last ten years she has been working as a Scientific Assistant in the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the University (Lecturer 2011) and as a Scientific Collaborator of the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research. She has participated in more than 30 marine geophysical/ geological expeditions and many multidisciplinary programs.

In Summer and Autumn 2010, she was the Head of the Hellenic delegation at the expedition of the submarine volcano Koloumbo, as well as in many other sites of the Eastern Mediterranean, in the Nautilus exploration vessel (see page 30). Through a satellite connection system, the whole oceanographic Nautilus exploration was transmitted in real time to schools of Santorini and she had the opportunity to talk with school students and answer their questions. She will continue with the Nautilus expedition in September 2011 and 2012.