Walter Friedrich

The scientist who changed the history timeline

Walter Friedrich arrived in Santorini inspired by the work of Ferninand Fouqué, the French Geologist who explored Santorini in the late 19th century. He first came to the island in 1975 and since then has loved Santorini in a unique way. He loves exploring her and discovering the secrets of her soil. “You can still see the history of Santorini, her history is still alive” he characteristically says. He is the scientist who in 2007, along with Jan Heinemeie and Nikos Sigalas, studied thoroughly an olive tree dating back to 1600B.C. This research has led to a completely new historical timeline interpretation of the Minoan civilisation, since it has come up that the collapse of the Minoan civilisation had nothing to do with the volcanic eruption of Santorini. Today Mr Friedrich shares his time between Denmark (where he comes from and works) and Santorini. He visits the island in the summer with his archaeology students but also for holidays. He actually loves swimming on Monolithos beach, Perissa and the Red Beach. Plans for the future? The restless scientist hopes to link the mystery of Atlantis with Santorini.