Chef Lefteris Lignos has shown us how to make succulent juicy traditional tomato balls, at the Mario Restaurant of Lefteris Anapliotis in Monolithos.


for 4 persons

½kg cherry tomatoes

150gr dry onion

2 fresh scallions 

(green onions)

10 mint leaves


300gr all-purpose flour

Salt, pepper


Cut cherry tomatoes into small pieces and drain them. Add finely chopped dry onion, green onions, dill and a little salt. Let them dry for 10 minutes. In another large bowl, mix all ingredients together with 300gr flour, salt and pepper. Heat corn oil or maize oil in frying pan, pour one tablespoon of the mixture every time and fry.

Tip: Each tomato ball takes about 4 minutes to fry. Fry from both sides according to how crunchy you want them to be.