Organised Beaches

From the exclusive Red Beach to the family beach Monolithos and from the cosmopolitan Perivolos to touristic Kamari and Perissa, Santorini offers a great number of exceptional organised beaches.

Red Beach (Kokkini Paralia)

The Red beach is the definition of a volcano beach. Everything here is red. The imposing rocks as well as the alteration of sand and pebbles. It’s a rather busy beach, island’s visitors seem to prevail. The Red Beach has been officially judged unsuitable for visiting due to unpredictable landslides in the area. Those who visit it, do it under their own responsibility. 
Tip: You should be equipped with hats, suntan lotion and shoes for walking along the path. The temperature here seems to be twice as high as on the rest of the island. The two canteens at the parking are your last chance to find water and a snack. Combine your visit to the Red beach with a stop for lunch at the Cave of Nikolas. 
How to get there: You can park in the road right below the archaeological site Rahidi and take the boat for the Red Beach, that runs every half an hour. Otherwise, when reaching the archaeological site, turn on the right, park in front of the chapel of Agios Nikolaos and continue on foot. In case you choose to go by car, you should be aware that there is a distance of about 5-10min that is quite rough. You can also take the bus to the beach. 


If you have kids, Monolithos beach is your ideal destination. For teenagers or adults, there are beach volleyball, basketball courts and a soccer field, where at the neighboring beach you will find kite surf and water sports facilities. There is a lifeguard at the beach of Monolithos. You can visit the tavernas Skaramagas and Kapetan Loizos for fresh fish and local dishes. 
Scenery: Spaceous flat beach with dark-coloured fine-grained sand and shallow waters, quiet and very well organised. Beach chairs are not too close one with another, so there is enough room for walking inbetween.
How to get there: By car or by bus, which runs frequently. It is located 9kms far from Fira.


The volcano white rocks in Vlyhada remind us of a moon landscape. It is one of the most beautiful and best organised beaches in Santorini. Ideal for those who do not like the hubbub of crowded places and are interested in simply swimming and lying in the sun. No water sports available here.
Tip: You should spend sometime at the beach bar Θeros, which is in perfect harmony with the scenery. Deckchairs on the beach, cocktails at the bar, relaxing music in an extraterrestrial scenery. Ideal to close your day and plunge into the sunset.
How to get there: From Fira you take the road to Akrotiri. When you are there you will see a sign to Vlyhada. There are no buses running and this discourages big crowds of tourists and elderly people from coming to this beach.

Agios Georgios - Perivolos

Amazing waters, cosmopolitan shops, the “elite” people of the island. Black sand and crystal clear waters; the ideal beach for safe diving and long sunbathing lying in comfortable deckchairs while listening to summer music. Mind the rocks because at some spots it is slippery! There is a lifeguard on the beach.
Tip: The beach of Agios Georgios has been awarded with an EU Blue Flag. The place-to-be for the celebrities of the island is the famous Seaside by Notos at the very beginning of the beach, offering the best beach service. Visit also the renovated and always styslish beach bar- restaurant Fabrica for delicious tastes and cool cocktails. So Bar So Food is a very good beach bar, situated in a nice part of Perivolos beach. Comfortable deckchairs and delicious snack proposals make your stop here a complete, summer experience. At Wave Sports, you can seek for any kind of sea advenure. There is also beach volley fields. 

How to get there: From Fira take the road towards Emporio and continue towards Perivolos. Signs may be a bit confusing for they seem to appear the very last moment. There is also access by bus.


The natural “extension” of Perivolos, awarded with the E.U. blue flag, stretching up to the imposing white rock at the end of the beach. Ideal for water sports.
The more adventurous can dive from the rocks at the end of the beach (the area is called Kolada).
Activities: Mediterranean Dive, Santorini Dive Center and Wave Sport Club offer you everything -from jet skis, canoes and bananas to wind surfing. There is also a Water Park. The charming chapel of Agia Irini (dating back to 16th century) is located near Perissa. Additionaly, you can walk to the Ancient Thera. The boat to Kamari sets off also from this point.
How to get there: It is less than 15kms far from Thera. Bus service is available throughout the day.


The heart of the touristic Santorini. A beach awarded with two E.U. blue flags, well-organised, with a lifeguard and plenty of room for lying free on the sand. In the northern part of the beach, the sea has slippery slabs. For the more adventurous and risky ones, the best place for diving is at Kamari towards the hill of Prophitis Ilias. But always with great caution!
Tips: The best thing to do in Kamari is inquire at Ancient Thera Tours and follow an organised sightseeing tour to Ancient Thera. Also note that walking up the hill of Profitis Ilias for 20΄ and following the path, you will reach the chapel of Zoodohos Pigi, where there is a spring with running water. Here you are very close to the location of Ancient Thera. For Scuba Diving contact the Kamari Dive Center or Aegean Divers. Regarding food, for delicious traditional Santorinean recipes visit ‘Kyra Irini’s’ Taverna at the entrance of the village. Mrs Irini herself is waiting for you there to offer you her traditional dishes. Regarding food, for delicious traditional Santorinean recipes visit Irini’s Taverna at the entrance of the village. It is worth also visiting Elia and Vassilikos Restaurants, which offer top quality local food and Sabbia Nera for Italian flavors.

How to get there: By car and bus. This is the most easily accessible beach of Santorini.

Exo Gialos

The closest beach to Fira and the smallest beach with amenities on the island: black sand, quite deep waters, only a few beach chairs for couples and visitors seeking calmness and tranquility. At the Yalos restaurant you will find whatever you need from traditional dishes to local cocktails.
Tip: Great parties with famous guest djs are organized throughout summer –the absolute place for having a blast at beach parties and enjoying the sunrise view at the seaside!
How to get there: Follow the signs leading to the beach or if you are an athletic type try reaching the beach on foot as it is only 2km far from Fira.

Off Road

Endless indeed is the list of the beaches in Santorini which may not be organised but which offer abundantly their natural beauty, tranquillity, virginity and crystal clear sea waters. Get equipped with all the essentials (umbrellas, towels and mainly water) and let us go for a walk along the most beautiful ones. 


The closest beach to Oia. Park your car in the concrete road and walk down a steep dirt road. On your left you will see a high white cliff and on the beach many couples and small companies seeking for quiet and peace. The sea is not particularly deep with black pebbles and clear waters. As long as you are done with your swimming and sunbathing, walk up to the bar-restaurant Katharos, to enjoy the sunset while having your coffee, drink or a light salad listening to reggae and lounge music.

Ammoudi – Agios Nikolaos

Right below Oia lies the picturesque bay Ammoudi. You will have to walk down 235 steps from the Oia castle or approach it by car. In both cases, Ammoudi looks like a cinema setting, where you will find a number of tavernas carved in the rock. Follow the path continuing from Ammoudi, to the cliff with the chapel of Agios Nikolaos. The space for sunbathing may be limited but the feeling of swimming right at the foot of caldera is inconceivable!

White Beach (Aspri Paralia)

Right next to the Red Beach, the White Beach is reachable only by boat from Akrotiri (5€) or swimming from the Red Beach. It will take you about 20΄ and you will definitely need flippers. You will find yourself swimming in the most crystal clear waters ever having in front of you the imposing white cliff. Caution: there is nothing to eat or drink here.


About 10kms southeast of Fira lies the sandy beach Pori which belongs to Imerovigli. You can find it by following the lower road of Oia. The waters are crystal clear and quite shallow. Here you will find the cosy taverna of Captain Yannis serving fish and local dishes. Caution: there is no sign leading you to Pori.


Nudists’ favourite beach. Located only 4kms from Oia and reached exclusively by car or motorbike. There are no umbrellas here, but as the sun falls, a shade is formed from the rock standing behind. Swim on the right of Koloumbos to the Seal Cave. There lies the active underwater volcano of Koloumbos.

Mesa Pigadia/Kampia

At the southern part of the road to Faros lies the beach of Mesa Pigadia, a small black-pebbled bay, and the Kampia beach with the white cliff and a diving board. Both of them are very calm with clear waters and have some beach chairs available (about 2€). In Mesa Pigadia there is the small homonymous taverna.

Exo Gialos Karteradou 

Next to Monolithos beach you will find the beach of Exo Gialos Karterados. It is a beautiful, quite beach with volcanic rocks and black sand.