Giorgos Hatzigiannakis

The Don Quixote of Santorini

Giorgos Hatzigiannakis, owner of Selene restaurant, has so many ways to cook split peas that make you wonder when his inspiration will stop! For 20 years he has been fighting the “dragons”, by cooking traditional Santorinian recipes, in times that dishes like fillet minion was a must taste in restaurants. Foreseeing the importance of gastronomic tourism, he remained true follower of the Santorinian recipes. Even foreign press has dealt with his restaurant. He is also the establisher of Slow Food movement in Greece and he organizes cooking lessons with local recipes. His best Santorinian products are the tomatoes and the tomato puree, the split peas, the white aubergine and the round zucchini. (Fira, tel. +30 22860-22249)