Spyros, Nikos & Averkios Vassalos


You are gazing at the sea view in caldera and out of the blue you hear traditional music. It is most probably Spyros Vassalos with his sons, Nikos and Averkios. Dressed in traditional costumes, playing their violins and lute, they play music to accompany weddings on the island. All three of them share the same love for music. “There are always more and more things to discover and explore in music”, says Spyros who started playing the violin at his uncles’ taverns in Athens. At that time he used to keep the tempo by “clicking the spoons”, whereas today he is so happy having his two sons with him. Nikos plays the violin, lute, guitar and writes songs. Averkios, 16 years old, has been accompanying them since the age of 6, and today he plays the bouzouki, tambourine, drums. At the same time they work at their own restaurant and event hall Aidoni in Vlyhada, while they cultivate their own fields and vineyards. “We want our customers to enjoy both our music and dishes made of our own fresh products”. There is no doubt that the saying “Like father like sons” is more than a perfect fit for this family!